FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
About Volunteering for CASA

Can CASA children visit or participate in activities with my family?

No. The identity of the child and his/her family is confidential and cannot be shared with anyone except the CASA staff and those directly involved with the child’s case.

How many cases does a CASA volunteer work on at a time?

Each CASA is assigned to one child, or sibling group, at a time.

What type of experience do I need to become a CASA?

Our CASAs come from all walks of life. There is no specific experience needed to become a CASA.

What type of ongoing training do CASAs receive?

In order for our volunteers to be as up-to-date on current information as possible, we provide 20 hours of free continuing education per year. CASA volunteers are required to participate in 12 hours per year. Program staff also notifies volunteers of any free or low cost training that is available in the community.

What kind of support do CASAs receive?

All volunteers are assigned to a professional case supervisor who is responsible for providing support and guidance. Volunteers meet with their supervisors on a monthly basis to discuss their case and plan the course of action for the next month.

How much paperwork do CASAs have to complete?

CASAs write a report whenever there is a hearing, usually every three or six months. A first draft of this report will be submitted to the case supervisor a few weeks before the hearing. Volunteers also keep detailed records of their contact with everyone involved in the case.

Can I work full-time and be a CASA volunteer?

Many CASA volunteers are employed full-time. Some flexibility is necessary to allow for attendance at Court hearings and other meetings that may be held during normal business hours. Court hearings are generally arranged three to six months ahead.

What if I have more questions?

Contact Nikki Yapi, Volunteer Coordinator, 410-267-7877 ext. 1 or click here to contact us.