Brian’s Story

A Teenage Boy in Foster Care Overcomes Many Obstacles and Is Succeeding in Life

brians-story-imageBrian’s mother had a substance abuse problem and was unemployed. One day Brian’s mother left their apartment and never returned.  It was discovered that Brian’s mother had abandoned him and moved out of state. Social Services was unsuccessful in locating any relative placement for Brian.  Therefore, he went into foster care.   During this time, Brian faced emotional, psychological and educational challenges.  He was “headed down the wrong path.” Brian was struggling in school, abusing drugs, stealing and running away from his foster homes.  Despite these behaviors, his CASA, Diane, had unwavering faith in him. Diane was instrumental in locating an appropriate counselor for Brian. She helped Brian research the GED process, transported him to classes, and tutored him along the way.  Diane was also the loudest person in the auditorium as she cheered for Brian as she received his diploma.  Next, Diane took Brian to the local department store and showed him how to “dress for success” for his first job interview. Brian worked diligently with Diane in the mock interview process so that he would be prepared.  The day of the interview, Diane drove him to Target, gave him a hug and wished him luck.  Diane waited anxiously for his return. He walked out with a huge grin on his face, gave her a big hug, and announced “I got it.”  The next step in Brian’s independence was securing a bank account and renting an apartment for him.   Diane even bought Brian a crock pot for his new home and taught him how to make a complete meal for his return from a hard day’s work. Brian aged out of the foster care system five years ago.  However, Diane has continued her relationship with Brian over the years.  Diane is still his sounding board and he looks to her for advice when life gets a little tough.  Currently, Brian is a Department Manager at Target.  Recently, Brian got engaged and the first person he called to share this news with was Diane.